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A website created in the WebWave builder by Donna O'Donoghue.

About Me

Donna O'Donoghue, Altered Image Studios, was first founded in 2007, emerged from a passionate blend of photography, nature, fantasy, and adeptness in Photoshop. Beginning with the creation of a surreal image – "a giraffe on a rock in the middle of an ocean" – the studio has come a long way in its artistic journey. Having moved with the times, Donna has embraced the latest technological advancements, including AI, to create stunning and surreal imagery that resonates with both modern and timeless sensibilities. From handcrafted marvels to today's AI-generated versions, our work continues to challenge and inspire. Our journey through the years has not only mirrored the evolution of visual art but has also allowed us to craft a unique space where creativity knows no bounds. Explore our collections and services, and allow us to turn your visions into breathtaking reality.

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