Instagram Quote Cards Collection Template

Introducing 120 Inspiring Instagram Quote Templates – Elevate Your Social Media Presence!

Unlock a world of inspiration with our versatile collection of editable motivational quotes. These Instagram-ready templates are meticulously designed to infuse positivity into your posts.

Each template seamlessly blends captivating visuals with compelling words, evoking an immediate connection with your audience.  Every quote within this collection draws inspiration from the accompanying image, though you may occasionally encounter a quote seen elsewhere, I feel like they are 90% original.  Rest assured, each of the 60 quotes I've crafted underwent thorough scrutiny to ensure both coherence and impeccable grammar.  From motivational affirmations to heartwarming expressions, our IG Canva Kit equips you to fashion your own visually striking and impactful content.

Whether you're an influencer, business owner, or simply someone spreading positivity, our quote templates will set you apart on social media. The adaptable design allows you to personalize each quote to match your unique style and brand effortlessly.

Not only do these templates save you precious time and effort, but they're also Canva-compatible, making it a breeze to create stunning quote posts. Customize text, colours, and fonts to match your aesthetic, and you're ready to inspire!

With a diverse range of quotes, from motivational to inspirational, this bundle suits any occasion. Motivate your followers, share wisdom, or simply uplift spirits – our templates have you covered.

**How It Works:**

1. Sign up for a FREE Canva account to customize the templates or use your own if you have one already.

2. Upon purchase, access a PDF document with a link to your files and instructions on using Canva's templates. Find the download link in your email that I sent automatically to you after purchase.

3. Click the links one for - posts and one for stories templates in the PDF to reach Canva's website, where you can immediately customize your template.

4. Edit and reuse your template indefinitely to create an endless array of items.

**What's Included:**

- 60 Carefully Crafted Instagram Posts- 60 Corresponding Instagram Stories for Every Post- PDF Instructions Covering Canva Usage- Images, fonts, and graphics are freely accessible and ready to use, including pictures integrated into your templates.

**What You Can Customize:**

- Add or change text- Adjust background colours and gradients- Incorporate your images or select from Canva's library- Modify fonts- Resize, move, or remove any element

**I'm Here to Assist:**

Feel free to reach out to me anytime via Etsy if you have questions or need assistance. I'm always ready to help! ❤️


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